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PT Nuh Marine Agency Shipping leads the way in Indonesia in applying highly competitive global standards for recruitment and equally stringent standards for continuity; we have one of the highest and exacting standards in Indonesia, and we pride on a very high rate of continuity of our sea staff in our client pools.

PT Nuh Marine Agency Shipping excels in developing our people in a friendly, inter-active working environment, geared towards continuous improvement whilst providing our customers with high quality, cost-efficient, and reliable personalized services that support & encourage safe and efficient ship operation & promoting clients’ competitiveness.

PT Nuh Marine Agency Shipping provides high-quality service where our customers have total confidence in our ability to manage the human resources on their behalf, leaving them the freedom to concentrate on the other aspects of ship operation. We offer custom-tailored Crew Management & Manpower Supply concepts designed specifically to the need of our clients. Our commitment is to keep long-standing and sustainable cooperation by providing our customers with 24 hours services, high-quality, and cost-efficient. In all cases, we work very closely with you maintaining close contact so that a solid relationship is built up.



PT NUH MARINE AGENCY SHIPPING  didirikan pada tahun 2013 sebagai perusahaan agensi kru awak kapal. Dengan manajemen yang berpengalaman lebih dari tujuh tahun dalam melayani dan bekerja sama dengan perusahaan berstandar internasional. Kekuatan kami tidak hanya terletak pada pengalaman kami tetapi juga pada hubungan dekat yang kami miliki. Kami pun sangat menghargai hubungan klien kami dan minat mereka selalu ada di hati kami.

PT NUH MARINE AGENCY SHIPPING was established in 2013 as a crew agency company. With management who has more than seven years experience in serving and working with internasional standard companies. Our strength lies not only in our experience but also in the close relationship we have. We also value our client relationships very highly an their interest is always in our hearts.


Menjadi salah satu perusahaan agensi awak kapal yang berintegritas tinggi. Berkembang dan melayani dengan sepenuh hati

To become a ship revival agency company with high integrity. developing and serving wholeheartedly.


Menjadi bagian penting dalam mendukung dan menjaga kepercayaan para skateholder dengan cara memenuhi kebutuhan pelanggan secara baik

Become one of national private which is supporting and maintaining the trust of our skate holders by satisfying. the needs of our customers in a fair.


PT Nuh Marine Agency Shipping provide excellent, dedicated, Cost-efficient and reliable service



As a crew manager, we offer any partial service to the crew management packet, which may include Recruitment and selection, crew rostering and assignment, Medicals, document processing, etc

Port Agency & Husbandry

Port Agency & Husbandry

Nuh Marine provides customized solutions to meet your vessels’ specific Port agency services and husbandry requirements at all major and remote Indonesian ports and special services at various OPL in Indonesia.



A one-stop service provider for bunkering in Indonesia, NUH MARINE, is one of the few companies to be in control of its entire supply chain. As every aspect of the delivery process is managed by us, our clients can rest assured of the quality and standards of our services and products.


Our objective is to provide our Principals with the best quality of seafarers available in Indonesia, and to achieve this objective we have established a selection system commences through the use of the computer-based evaluation system, online CES (CES 6.0). Maritime English Test (MET) Seagull’s  Psychometric assessment tool, Ability Profiling Program (APRO) and Personality testing (Facet5)

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